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M8 by xxGaby1699xx M8 by xxGaby1699xx
“Alright everyone, you know what your tasks are now start doing them!” PK shouted at all the teams, they muttered to each other for a moment but quickly scattered before the kecleon became enraged again. While the crowd was moving, Vivek got separated from his two friends, but quickly felt lighter and began floating over the crowd, he located where the move was coming from and grunted at the Gastly,
“Hey smallfry don’t get lost now!” Spyro used Psychic and put him down on the ground next to Rupert, “Much better.”
“Can you stop treating me like a kid?!” Vivek shouted, he snorted a bit.
“Look we’re responsible for you, so we’ll treat you how we feel is best” Rupert looked over at the crowd as they began setting up traps around Tao, “Let’s go before PK gets pissed again.”
“I’m only a few years younger than you Rupert…” The cyndaquil mumbled as he followed his two friends, the three began building all sorts of traps and spreading moondust around the area ready to be ignited when needed.
“Well I used up all the moondust I have left.” Spyro did a quick once over to make sure there were no gaps between the moondust.
“Same here.” The meowth cleaned his paws and looked over the Vivek, “How are you, Vivek?”
“I’m almost done! Just a little more and that’s it.” The cyndaquil spread the moondust in his area till the last bit poured out, he smiled, but suddenly a large tail swiped the moondust and made a large gap in the trail, “Hey! Watch what your doing!” Vivek looked up to see a pale pink slowpoke on its hind legs, it looked back and then down to where the moondust trail it messed up.
“oh….. Sorry… about… that…” His slow talking annoyed the small cydaquill, “You… guys… must… be… some… of… the… pokemon… that… came… from… the… future…” By this time even Rupert and Spyro were annoyed by the slow talking pokemon.
“Can he talk any slower?” The meowth muttered to the gastly
“No kidding. I’ve heard slowpokes are slow but not this slow!” The slowpoke overheard the conversation and had become annoyed by the two.
“Listen here!” The slowpoke growled “I may be a slowpoke but it doesn’t mean I’m slow! I’m a faster slowpoke!”
“Whoa!” Rupert was caught off guard, “So why the hell did you just talk all slow then?”
“It’s fun to mess with mon!” The slowpoke smiled, “The names Pocky by the way.”
“Spyro is the name! The meowth is Rupert and the smallfry is Vivek!” Spyro introduced everyone, “Hey I like your style! Wanna join my team?”
“Hmm? Your team?” Pocky looked a bit interested.
“Yea I’m part of a Rescue team named Team Lost Souls,” Spyro explained, “It’s only me and my partner now, who’s currently in the future, but we could use a new teammate!” the slowpoke scratched his chin,
“I’ll think about it, I hope you don’t mind.” Pocky said
“Nah no pressure!” Spyro smiled
“Done!” Vivek finished his trail of moondust again, “Now don’t screw it up!” The Slowpoke glared at Vivek,
“Oops!” Pocky said sarcastically as his tail swiped the trail of moondust again
“Damnit!” Vivek’s back flared for a second as Pocky and Spyro giggled.

After Pocky left and the three reset the moondust traps, they began talking on where they should be positioned,
“I’ll take position outside of Tao, I can probably get a good amount of Zoroark by myself.” Spyro seemed a little uncomfortable talking about such things, he never killed another mon before making the idea of killing shudder, “With my Hypnosis I can get a lot to go to sleep and others can kill ‘em easier, I guess.”
“Whatever suits you better.” Rupert seemed unfazed by what was to come ahead, his normally calm demeanor had become cold and serious, and his eyes also felt cold to look into, “Long as you don’t get yourself killed in the process.”
“I wanna fight in the front too!” Vivek jumped up, he was eager to help in anyway he could.
“No way,” Rupert looked over, “A kid like you shouldn’t have to worry about blood on their hands, your better off sitting this fight out.”
“Stop treating me like a kid!” Vivek’s back flared a bit, he was annoyed to how everyone have been treating him, “I’m not a kid! I can fight!”
“Tell me this,” Rupert’s voice echoed dully through the air, his eyes pierced through Vivek, “Have you seen someone’s life fade from their eyes.” Vivek stepped back at the image, “Have you ever felt the pain of losing a comrade in the middle of a battle?” Vivek looked down as he became discouraged by his friend’s words, he was scared of all the possibilities, Rupert grin a bit, “See you’re only a kid. Stay in the medical tents while I fight inside Tao, I’ll stay close to them.” Vivek turned around and left the two, Rupert sighed, “Ugh, maybe later he’ll thank me for protecting him.”
“Well I better head to the front lines, the battle is going to start soon” The Gastly began to float up.
“Spyro wait a second,” Rupert called out, he looked back, “I know you’ve never killed before, so I’ll give you a tip on how to finish off some quickly.”
“I’m listening.” Spyro floated close to listen.

Spyro came into positioned and looked over to the sides at the other mon who were prepared to fight, he noticed a ninetails was walking around talking to others, he over heard him asking what ways the others can fight and if they’ll be useful on the battlefield or not, some became a bit discouraged from being interrogated by him, soon he came over to the gastly,
“So what about you smoky?” the ninetails asked, “What can you do?”
“I can use Hypnosis, Nightmare, Psychic and Dark Pulse.” Spyro said
“So you have something.” He said, “Unlike others who are useless.”
“Uh ok?” Spyro wasn’t sure what to say, the nintails left to go interrogate another innocent pokemon, Spyro looked straight ahead and watched the bushes and trees, he listened to see if he could noticed anything wrong,
“So we meet again!” A voice came from below, Spyro looked down to see the slowpoke, Pocky, “So you decided to fight in the front lines?”
“Yea, I thought I could be of help here.”
“Hopefully you are, the moves you said aren’t too bad I suppose.” Pocky folded his arms and sat down.
“Thanks I guess,” Spyro looked back up and noticed that area had became darker, “What’s going on?”
“The fights starting.” Pocky said plainly,
“Get into position then!” Spyro looked down, but looked quickly back up and looked around frantically, he didn’t see anything, “Are they using there illusions already?” Spyro thought and kept looking, suddenly bright blue flames came from beneath him and launched at what seemed like nothing, but suddenly from the flames a wailing shriek that seemed inpokemon and a loud thud hit the ground, the flames subsided, a badly seared Zoroark body lay dead on the floor,
“You better get ready,” Pocky got up from his place and wiped his mouth, “There coming.” Off in the distance screams and shouts were echoing all around, growls and blood curdling screams continued, Spyro flinched and sank down a bit,
“Shit, what the hell did I get myself into…” Spyro looked from side to side hoping it would end soon, Pocky looked over,
“Come on, didn’t you said you had a friend in the future?” Pocky pointed out, “Don’t you want to see them again?”
“Yea I do.” Spyro looked down, “I made her a promise a long time ago in the future”
“Then you better do your best to survive!” Pocky cheered him on, Spyro looked up, Pocky turned around to continue fighting when suddenly a large Zoroark came bursting out, his neck glowed and snapped backwards, it fell down, Pocky looked back and noticed Spyro’s eyes glow and dim back to normal, “Good job.”
“Gotta thank Rupert for that trick later.” Spyro grinned.
The two continued fighting off the Zoroark, using their moves to the max, they managed to kill several of the enemies, but were wearing down after each kill, it seemed more and more kept coming, using their illusions to trick their opponents to scare them, reminding them of their friends back home, some fell for the tricks and were rushed medical tents in the village, but this left a large gap in their defenses, they began using traps and the moondust bombs to stun the enemies, it was hard to see when the bright flares of moondust were lit, eventually pokemon began shouting that the daytime zoroark had been killed, a great relief was spread but they soon realized that the nighttime puppet is sure to come soon, the two ran back to the Medical tents to check on everything.

By the time the two arrived, news of the death of the Daytime puppet was already there, Pocky decided to go get his wounds wrapped so he could continue fighting, Rupert and Vivek noticed their friend’s arrival back into the tent,
“So how bad was it out there?” Rupert asked the Gastly
“It’s pretty bad out there, everything is crazy and it’s hard to tell what’s what.” Spyro looked down in disgust and didn’t really want to talk about what was going on.
“Well then sit out the rest if you want,” Rupert stood up and began walking to the exit of the tent, “Keep an eye on Vivek.”
“I don’t need anyone keeping an eye on me!” Vivek shouted after Rupert
“I’m planning on going back out there actually,” Spyro floated over to him, “I think I can be of some use to everyone.”
“Just don’t get yourself killed,” Rupert, surprisingly, got on all four and ran out of the tent, the two were a bit dumbfounded to the fact that Rupert, the neat-freak, going wild like.
“Uh, um, I’m going to get patched up a bit and head back out,” Spyro was still a bit stunned to what had happened, “Stay here and help the others as best as you can alright?”
“Boooo…” Vivek sat and pouted, Spyro gave a weak smile and floated off to get healed a bit. Outside, Rupert was off on a killing spree, managing to kill Zorarks left and right with little trouble. Using Pay Day as throwing knives Retaliate when an ally was killed, his Thunderbolts delt massive damage to multiple enemies at one shot, with the finishing move of Shadow Claw. Rupert was a killing machine and didn’t seem to mind the blood splashing all over his fur. And not much seemed to get past him, countering enemies and using their strengths against them, Spyro noticed how well Rupert was doing and wondered if he was really needed,
"So that's the power of an ex-gang member..." Spyro whistled, he looked around and see of any of the others needed help, he used psychic from afar to defeat some Zoroarks but he wasn't doing as well as Rupert who killed five of them in the same time it took him to kill one.

Vivek managed to sneak out of the medical tent without anyone noticing, he looked around, sneaking around, suddenly he felt a tug on his scarf, he thought he got caught on something but when he turned, he recognized the Slowpoke that was holding his scarf,
"Hey it's you!" Vivek shouted at Pocky, he seemed a little annoyed by Vivek.
"What the hell is a kid doing out here?" Pocky held onto his scarf, Vivek tugged to make him let go but his grip was tight.
"I'm going to help!" Vivek tugged again, the slowpoke let go of it, he was sent back and tripped,
"If your going to fight that cape of yours is gonna be a problem." Pocky stepped forward
"No it's not!" Vivek quickly tied the scarf to his neck, making it look kinda more like a bow. "See?"
"Pft. I thought you were a boy kid!" Pocky chuckled, "Sorry, 'miss'"
"Grr! You’re so annoying!" Vivek's back spouted out flames, he turned and bolted off, "I'll show everyone!" Vivek started to think of the best way to defend himself, he decided to climb onto one of the trees, he climbed to highest point his little arms and legs could carry him, once in position he waited till a group Zoroarks came, he fired a smokescreen into the middle of the group, they hissed and howled trying to find a way out of the black smoke, Vivek then fired multiple flame bursts hoping one would hit, when one started to howl in pain, Vivek fired more into the smoke, more of them howled, when it was silent and smoke finally cleared most were dead, while the others were badly seared, Vivek really didn't like the look of it and felt a little sick, but shook it off, suddenly he heard a familiar voice calling his name, at first he thought it was Rupert or Spyro looking for him, but when the voice echoed again, it sounded like a girl's, he looked around,
"Layla?" Vivek called out,
"Vivek?!" the voice echoed again this time it sounded closer, an Eevee popped out of the bussed, she looked around, "Vivek?!" Vivek smiled when he saw it was Layla, he jumped down from the trees and ran over to his friend and hugged her tight, she did the same, her tail wrapped around the two, "Vivek!" she giggled and hugged tight.
"Layla! What are you doing here?!" He pushed back a bit, confused and worried for his friend, she smiled.
"Some new friends used some magic relic thingies to get us in the past!" She hugged him again, but then pushed him back, "Did you get taller or something?!" she compared their heights,
"It doesn't matter! We should get out of here while we can, more Zoroarks could come at any moment!" Vivek tugged on Layla, he noticed the collar she was wearing on her neck, "You got it!" he smiled
"Yup!" she smiled back, the two ran out as fast as the could, they ran into a couple of Zoroarks on the way, Layla used Helping Hand and Vivek used Flame Burst to deal with them. They reached the medical tent in no time, where the two hugged some more and decided to take care of the injured Pokemon in the tent.

Spyro floated around helping as many of the other Pokemon as he could, he eventually ran into Pocky again and tagged teamed with him once more, the Zoroarks continued to charge and attack, no matter how many we're defeated more seemed to come.
"Man what are we gonna do?" Spyro panted in exhaustion, Pocky had gotten himself a bit injured and was getting tired.
(I gotta get him out of here) Spyro thought, he used Psychic on some Zoroarks, but more came in their place, he growled, “This would go a lot easier if I had Rei, our tag teaming can get rid of a bunch of these guys.”
“I’m so glad you still need me!” A familiar dainty voice came from behind the two, they looked to see Rei waving hello to them.
“Rei?” Spyro was surprised to see his dear friend, “What the hell are you doing here?”
“Oh, we traveled through time to get you guys.” Rei floated closer, “But it seems we should talk about this later…” She pointed at the Zoroarks crawling closer to them.
“Heh! Now they’re in trouble!” Spyro grinned, “Pocky stay back and rest, buddy.”
“Team Lost Souls are here to the rescue!” Rei charged forward, electricity surrounded her and tackled the Zoroarks.
“Whoa! When you learn that move?” Spyro grinned, “But you might need some healing after that!” Spyro ran up to the Zoroarks, his eyes glowed as they fell into a deep sleep, Rei came up, her hearts glowed as energy came sucking out of the sleeping enemies; she opened her mouth in the middle of her X and swallowed their energy. Spyro smiled and his eyes glowed dark and the Zoroarks began wailing in pain and scratching at themselves, suffering through terrible nightmares, till they ended up killing themselves.
“Yesh, you guys are harsh!” Pocky winced at the sight.
“That’s why Rei and I are a great team!” Spyro smiled.
“I think we should get her to that medical tent in the village, she looks banged up.” Rei was talking about Pocky.
“I’M NOT A GIRL!” Pocky growled using a deep voice .
“Oh, Oh my, sorry!” Rei apologized, Spyro giggled and helped Pocky to his feet, and the three ran back to the tent.

Rupert energy was beginning to wane as he killed more enemies,
“Gah , when will this end!?” He growled and slashed at another opponent, he didn’t have much energy left, Rupert was also beginning to get effected by the illusions, seeing Honey suffering a horrible death, he didn’t notice a Zoroark coming in quick, suddenly an electro ball was sent flying at it, he was surprised and looked back to see Honey angry,
“No one hurts my partner!” Honey growled, Rupert was in a daze, he thought it was an illusion till Honey came and hit him upside the head with her tail, “Stop, day-dreaming! We got dogs to kill!”
“You’re really here?” Rupert was still a bit off guard,
“Duh! Do you want me to hit you upside the head again? Or would you rather me use Attract?” She grinned her toothy grin,
“Yup you’re here…” Rupert scratch the back of his head, “I’ll ask later how you got here but for now we need to get rid of more of these things!” the two nodded, Honey used dig and burrowed herself under ground with Rupert diving in after her, Honey popped in and out and created more holes for them, the Zoroarks tried to attack her but she quickly dived back into the holes before they had a chance to land their move, they all began to take a hole and charge up to use an attack,
“NOW” Honey’s voice echoed through the holes, a large thunderbolt came out of all the holes and shocked the Zoroarks till their hearts stopped, “We did it!” Honey jumped out from one of the holes, followed by Rupert, the two smiled and decided to go back to medical tents to regroup with everyone else.
“Hey I have a question for you though…” Rupert said while walking back.
“What’s up?” Honey looked at the Meowth.
“Why are you hugging me?” His eye twitched, as the pachirisu’s tail wrapped around his body, and she held tight on his back.
“Cuz I don’t want to lose you again…” Honey held tighter, Rupert sighed and let out a small smile.

Back inside the medical tent, Layla wipes off the blood off of Aila’s fur, the riolu quivered a bit,
“I can still feel their heartbeats…” She was disgusted, Aila never thought or had the idea of killing any one, and she had to kill three to survive, Layla giggled a bit at her friends displeasure, once the blood was completely off Aila went to go check on her friends and see if they were ok. She eventually ran into Rez, Julius, and another Riolu she met before named Parker, she could sense something was wrong with Parker, but she was too shy to ask what was wrong, till Rez had most likely had felt it as well,
“Something wrong?” He asked looking at Parker with concern, he nodded,
“Yes, you two.” Parker said plainly to the two children, “You said you your parent’s thought you to fight… Did they teach you to kill too?” Aila was a little surprised, she had left them once she helped reunite Rino and Rez to their partners, she didn’t know that they had killed without any problem, while she quivered in fear of it, once the two finished silently staring at each other the nodded. Parker seemed disturbed and so did Aila,
“Ok, now why would your parents teach you that?” Parker continued to question the two, the brothers looked at each other again, Rez nodded no while Julius nodded yes, Rez whispered,
“You trust him that much?” Rez asked and Julius nodded again, Rez sighed, “Alright then” He turned back to Parker, who was waiting for an answer, “We’re kinda raised to be assassins”
Parker and Aila were both surprised,
“W-What?!” Aila said looking at the two, the little kids who had helped her with grocery shopping, they had came off as two sweet and kindhearted kids that only wanted to help others, the idea of these to killing for a living never came to be an idea or possibility, “Your kidding, right?”
“He’s not,” Julius said, he looked a bit ashamed.
“Why didn’t you say this before?!” Parker was still shocked.
“Because I was scared!” Julius shouted in return, but it wasn’t very loud compared to everyone else cheering about the death of the Nightmare Puppet.
“And you, Rez” Aila looked at him, she was a bit sad to the fact he didn’t tell her, she felt that he didn’t trust her.
“You wouldn’t of given me a chance if I told you what we were.” Rez was feeling guilty, it voice quivered a bit as he spoke, “I wasn’t looking for enemies… I was looking for allies and friends… I didn’t know you Parker, but I do know you partner. You’re good company, but I really didn’t want to lose you, so… well, I didn’t say anyting… I’m sorry…” Rez was on the verge of crying, he obviously felt guilty, he sat down as his brother came and comfort him.
Aila wanted to hug the kids, she felt Parker looking her way, in a low voice, “What do you think?” Aila nodded to forgive the kids, she felt Parker’s aura seem a bit happy, “I was leaning to that too.” The two looked, Parker went up and put a paw on Rez’s head, a small giggle could be heard, “You felt no guilt about murdering the Zoroarks, but you feel a lot of guilt from us knowing the truth. Cant you explain?” Rez looked up at Parker,
“Death is a means to an end, especially if the other is trying to kill you,” Rez said, cheering himself a bit, Aila felt a little disturbed to the fact that was making him happy but she brushed it off as he continued, “But friends are a lot more valuable. Irreplaceable most of the time.” Parker sat down, Aila could tell he was telling the truth, and she knew it to, she never expected to make friends while joining as a rogue, but in the end she made several that she wouldn’t know what she would have done with out them. Aila felt Parker tug on her, she knelt down to him to be able to hear him better,
“What do you think?” Parker whispered very low that Aila had to lean in closer to hear; she looked over and could tell the two brothers were hugging each other for support,
“I know what they mean…” Aila made a slight smile, Parker nodded, “I have an idea…” She whispered lowly to Parker, Parker nodded, and stood up,
“Rez and Julius,” Parker said, the two looked up to him, “We will forgive you.” The two cheered and sprang up onto their feet, “But,” Parker continued, “no more assassin business.” The brothers stopped cheering and looked at each other worried.
“But Parker…” Julius finally spoke, “It’s in our family… We can’t just leave out family name, it’s well, dishonorable and wrong…” his ears dropped down a bit
“Well, I guess we have a problem then…” Aila shrugged and began to walk away, Rez was worried what that meant.
“Wait!” he said, she smiled a bit before turning back, “We… we can change our concealed ways… but we’re still assassins. If the situation comes up, then we will do what we must.” Aila smiled again and whispered to Parker.
“We accept the terms,” Parker said, he extended his paw to the brothers who returned and shook, Aila followed, and patted the two boys heads, Parker recommended telling Rino and burying the bodies, Aila made a bit of sour face, she didn’t really want to deal with any more bodies, but went with them anyways.
After everyone had helped finish the burying the bodies, the group gathered again and hugged each other happy to see each other again, after a while, they noticed their bodies were glowing, as they were being sent back to their own time, once the light had become blinding, they all awoke in their times, separated yet again, but they all managed to find each other once again. They were all together back from when they came from!

Team Kurai-shi Layla and Vivek
Blind Aura Aila
Team Okane Honey and Rupert
Team Lost Souls Rei, Spyro, and Pocky

Team AuraSpark Parker
TeamNightAura Rez and Julius

:teamwork: Collab with :iconpikaaly:
Art by me, story by her
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