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After seeing a flashing bright light and remembering the sound of Layla’s scream, Vivek woke up to the sound of many ‘mons in a panic, he sat up and felt something cold dripping on his head. It isn't raining, he thought as he looked around. He finally touched his forehead and saw that blood was dripping on him from above. He looked up and saw Jasmine the Celebi floating around as if in a daze with her injuries bleeding.

“J-Jasmine?! What’s going on?! What is this place?” Vivek said as he wiped the blood off his forehead and looked around to see many ‘mon surrounding the Celebi.

Vivek looked around at each of the mons, there were two meowths trying to keep Jasmine in the area while a skitty was using sing to try and make Jasmine go to sleep. There was also a cubone trying to use stealth rock in a way to block Jasmine from escaping and running away.

“Okay Rogues. Remember we have to get Jasmine to Monochrome Tower safe and er—less unharmed than she already is.” said PK as she and Iceburg ran up to the group of Rogues informing other teams of what to do as well.

As the rogues nodded in agreement, a Starly helped Vivek up “You okay kid?” he asked Vivek, and introduced himself as Thomas.

“So what’s going on? Where are we?” asked Vivek once again as he thought of what way he could possible get the Celebi to calm down.

As Jasmine teleported from place to place trying to escape the Cubone’s steath rock, everyone introduced themselves quickly and explained the situation to Vivek. Jane the Cubone was trying hard to maintain the rocks in Jasmine’s way without hurting her.

“Well we are in the past-” said Katlin the skitty as she finished singing.

“-And we have no other chance of getting back home without Jasmine” said Max the Meowth.

“So we all have to work together so we can get back. Otherwise who knows how long we could be stuck in the past!” said Thomas as he flew above Vivek.

“Maybe if you all focused we could get this done.” said Jane while she struggled to have control of the rocks.

As the rogues argued over how to get Jasmine, Scouth the Meowth rushed over to Vivek and gave him a piece of paper, then rushed back after the Celebi.
Vivek opened the paper that Scouth had given him:

                                                                   Do you have a plan?

Vivek thought for a second and saw how everyone was having trouble having Jasmine stay in one area they could agree with. They needed to get organized --- and fast!

Suddenly Jasmine started screaming and flying around in circles, she started teleporting  from one spot to another in frenzy. “What the--?! Um okay guys we have to do something now. I think I’ve got a plan.” Vivek said as he started to use roll out and circled around Jasmine he shouted “Jane can try to set the rocks around me and Jasmine?”

“Sure!” she yelled over the Celebi’s screams as she quickly positioned the rocks. Jasmine’s teleportation slowed down due to exhaustion as rocks surrounded her.

“Max! Scouth! Please use fury swipes without hitting Jasmine to get her near Katlin!” Vivek shouted as he started to go faster and faster around the Celebi. Jasmine was starting to get dizzy by watching Vivek rolling circles around her.

“ Katlin the second she gets near you use sing! Thomas you think you can catch her before she falls asleep?”
“Sure little one!” she said as she cleared her throat and prepared herself for the Celebi.
“Of course I could catch her!” Thomas said as he puffed up his chest as he flew up above the group.

The two meowths dash in close to the Celebi and drew her near to Katlin by scaring her with fury swipes. The Celebi tried to escape once more but was surrounding by rocks that fell behind her and the meowths, leaving the only opening where Katlin was. Katlin began to sing the moment the rocks fell, causing Jasmine to run toward her in a panic.

As Katlin sang, Vivek stopped rolling and covered his ears, as did Jane, Max, Scouth. Thomas on the other hand had tied his scarf around his head to block out the singing. Jasmine started to get drowsy and was flying in a strange zig-zag motion. When Katlin sang the last note of her song Jasmine started to fall asleep. As the Celebi started to fall, Thomas swooped in and grabbed Jasmine just before she hit the ground.

“Told you I could catch her.” said Thomas as he gently landed handing Jasime over to Max. The Starly looked up at the darkening sky, ”We should get going before it gets too dark.” Vivek had lighten up his back so that they could see where they were heading, the group nodded as they all helped to carry the Celebi to Monochrome Tower.
:nuu: Vivek covered in blood O.O

Vivek: What the--Where am I?!

Team Kurai-shi

:iconclefdesoll: Cheese and Bread Crumbs's Thomas the Starly

:iconilluminous13: Unsung Hearts's Katlin the Skitty

:iconcharmeleongirl46: Team Darkclaw's Scouth the Meowth

:iconflitchard: Team Luster's Max (Maximus) the Meowth

:iconbalisk: Team Mana's Jane the Cubone

Thank you everyone that let me cameo there characters! :aww: :wave:
CharmeleonGirl46 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much for cameoing Scouth! ^^ The meowth duo of Max and Scouth strikes again! :D
flitchard Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
Thanks, but... Wasn't Jasmine blind and deaf??
ColoredTalesStudios Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you so much for cameoing Katlin! You got her down really well. I like your use of Stealth Rock, that was really clever! Great job!
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